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Knitting Pattern 

Red Oak Leaf and Acorn Shawl 


Skill level: Intermediate - EASY to follow pattern with SUPER detailed explanations on the pattern and larger font.

Description: Red Oak leaf with veins and Acorns is a perfect combination of Autumn/Fall Season and the Beauty of Nature – Leaves with hanging down acorns - BEAUTY. The Red Oak Leaves are made from different yarn colour because in Autumn/Fall, the leaves are in multicolours – which give them beauty (you can also make leaves in one (1) colour). Shawl is designed to be see-through lace look – can be done with knit (as per picture) or with crocheting net – I prefer in knit for the solid but see-through look. Once you complete lace place shawl, than you must complete leaves and acorn (if you desire longer shawl, than add leaves accordingly, if you prefer smaller shawl, you will need to make less leaves). After finishing attach leaves and enjoy – don’t forget to create leaf petiole for the authentic look.

Sizing: Shawl: width: 210 cm/82.5 inch x length: 100 cm/39.5 inch

Leaf (irregular shape): approx. 17 cm/7 inch x 22 cm/9 inch

Materials: Shawl: 2-3 balls of 100g lace yarn, or sock yarn (preferably light weight)

Leaf: 1 balls of 100g of medium yarn, in few colours (depending on colour variation you want – total should be no more than 200 g) = 15 leaves in total

Acorn: 50 g of light brown, 30 g of dark brown (medium yarn) = 8 acorns in total

Needle size: 7US(4.5mm) for leaf, 8US(5mm) for shawl

Double Point Needles: 5US(3mm) for acorn body, 8US(5mm) for acorn head/top

Notions: safety pins or stitch holder, markers.

Tension: Shawl: 18 sts x 20 rows (10 cm/4 inch)

Leaf: Not Applicable

Red Oak Leaf with Acorn Shawl

Hello - please see the full version of the knitting shawl.

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