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Canadian & International Recognition in Knitting & Design

Knitting Lessons via Video Computer and Video Telephone (Skype, Messenger, iPhone, WhatsApp)

Price Schedule:

- 1/2 hour: $30 + HST

- 1 hour: $50 + HST

This "Summer Butterfly" hand knitted cardigan was inspired by freedom and beauty.

Philosophy of Fashion by Anna Stoklosa

FASHION is a concept not only of designing clothes, but also at the same time, allowing the clothes to be worn by every person. As we all know, we are all unique, not only physically but also persona wise; therefore, the clothing should suit every person, his/her figure and, moreover, his/her personality. The clothes should be "made-to-use" for a certain person to place him/her into the required circumstances in his/her life. Presently, we do have many fashion designers, although every one of them is unique and work in their own style and velocity, as I do. Fashion designers are diverse among demand, many of them are in the traditional clothing (material/fabric) industry, and only a small number of designers are in the knitting industry.

APPEARANCE is an important factor in our society; people do have the tendency to judge us. We are being judged on a daily basis: "o, nice look...," "o my, what a look!", "who is this...!?" Somebody once said "clothing makes person...," this statement may be true, for that, at least on an initial meeting people are being judged on their taste and tact, and such judgment tends to follow for the rest of their relationship.

Canadian & International Recognition in Knitting & Design

"Ocean Sweater" - Award Winning Design and Creation

I entered my "Ocean Sweater" into the Canadian Competition for Knitting and Crochet Category - that was held by Creativ Festival in Toronto. The entry was placed in July 2012, but the final judging was done on the 13th of October, 2012. The Judges decided that the Award for the most Creative Knitting will go to my work. 

Michael Sellick from Crochet Crowd and Lori Tarantini from Red Heart are presenting the Award for the Knitting and Crochet Category.

And the Award goes to ....... Anna Stoklosa.

Since then, I my work was published in Knitting Magazines and Knitting Books, often I receive invitations to design/custom design. One of my best work is in: "Noro Silk Garden, the 20th Anniversary Collection" (pg 62 - 67) Autumn Leaf Shawl - see the picture beside/below.

My work is admired by thousands of people from all around the world - what is priceless: "Anna, we love your work," "Your designs are the best," "We love you," "You inspired me to be creative," "We started new group based on your designs," (those are few of many comments that I receive).

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All Knitting Patterns are Designed by Anna Stoklosa; furthermore, Anna Hand Knits all her Designs - the Designs, Patterns, Tips, Tricks and Suggestions are available.

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