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Counselling Hypnotherapy & Inner Energy Services

To obtain more information or book an appointment contact me:

Let my VOICE guide you to your Relaxation

The VOICE that can help to overcome your fears (….)

The softness, tenderness and power of your subconsciousness

My Hypnotic langue will stay with you as your friend..... 

Did you know that VOICE has a magnificent importance during the Hypnosis session - MY VOICE is soothing and calming, allowing to work with Clients to overcome their obstacles, my tone is customized for each Client. Moreover - MY HYPNOTHERAPY ROOM is set for calmness and relaxation, is is painted in the green forest, even carpet and chair set the mood, allowing the water stream into the better relaxation and positive changes within. The combinations of MY VOICE, ROOM SETTINGS and LIGHT MUSIC - can do miracles. 

Someone asked me very important question: “Can you see my deepest secrets while I am under hypnosis?” My answer: “YOU are your own person and YOU are in charge, YOU decide what kind of information and to whom YOU share, YOU decide if you want to share anything at all, YOUR subconscious might refuse to share anything (beginning with your name to anything it chooses to), YOU are the one with power and no secret/information can be shared by YOU unless YOU decide to share ; furthermore, I AM the one who is/must be confidential with any information provided, I AM the one who can/may help overcome any obstacles in your life if you trust me to help.”

Post-traumatic Stress Relief can be obtained by Hypnotherapy Session - especially with Hypnotherapist who has knowledge, research and experience with Problem Solving and Strategies, Life Situations, Psychology, Counselling & Hypnotherapy. Understanding the Stress/Situation/Root of the problem, allows for a faster STRESS RELIEF. If you feel that stress controls your life, I am more than happy to help.

My Specializations in Conflict Management and Problem Solving play magnificent role in every session, allowing me as Hypnotherapist help Clients by using my additional skills and work interests to obtain positive results. Did you know that WE CAN control ourselves, our health, habits, fears, looks and be conscious about our way of thinking - most importantly, we can reach our goals. Clearing person's mind from illusions, showing their true potential, allowing them to make better choices that benefit their life - with my assistance YOU CAN change your life. Also, did you know that VOICE has a magnificent importance during the Hypnosis session - the Hypnotherapist's tone of voice can set the receiving-person/client for a faster and better experience. Also, the sensitivity and observation of the Hypnotherapist towards the receiving-person/client has a huge impact on the session. The combinations of all my skills and experience - can do miracles.

New Clients Welcome 

As a Counselling Hypnotherapist, I am majoring in:

Relaxation/Stress Relief - allowing body to relax and also to overcome health issues;

Body-Regeneration - allowing body to rebuild, regenerate system;

Weight Loss - allowing body to loose weight in places that bothers the person, and weight loss in general;

Weight Gain - in some cases when person needs to gain weight;

Habits - allowing person to become in full control of their will power and body/mind habits;

Phobias - allowing person to regain his/her control over the fear they are facing;

Regression - very interesting hypotherapeutic way of resolving problems where person's past could be the factor of the present issue;

Progression - allowing person to reach or wonder (if he/she is ready);

Hands on Experience, discussion and workshops;

Attending meeting and member of IONS (Toronto);

Contributing to meetings pertaining to IONS (Toronto);

Contributing to meetings pertaining to Hypnosis (Toronto/Vancouver).

Member of National Guild of Hypnotists

Member of International Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists

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