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Hello Everyone

I am so EXCITED for ALL OF YOU & MYSELF - I am launching a New Magazine - this Magazine is about My Artistic Mind, Creations, Designs and more...

... and on top of that I will have an Interview with a fellow Artist and very important to me, Article "In Memory of ..."

  • Knitting Patterns by me, Anna Stoklosa

  • Weaving Art

  • Crocheting Patterns and Ideas

  • Sewing

  • Bead & Sequin, and Machine Embroidery

  • Mix Media

  • Interview with fellow Artist

  • In Memory of ...

  • Relaxation Session (hypnotic light relaxation)

  • Inspiration

  • Tips and Tricks of technical nature

  • And much more...

  • And, I GUARANTEE that you will find something you like

  • You can find/buy the e-book(s) on Etsy, Ravelry, This Site

  • You can pre-order/order a paper copy of the Magazine (

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