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Anna Stoklosa

Hello Eeveryone

Let me introduce myself - my name is Anna Stoklosa and I am the CREATOR of MY LIFE 

I grew up in difficult political times, in small village, sometimes felt like there was no hope for a better life - BUT - this did not stop me, rather it motivated me to be CREATIVE, CURIOUS & DIFFERENT in many ways, and always with POSITIVE OUTCOME

I was told that I am minority, especially when I create something that noone else would, or when I can see the light in the dark tunnel and save life, or perform "miracle" or "healing" find missing people (Noetic Sciences and Hypnosis, Inner Energies, Art and beyond ....) or perform in Arts.

I am GIFTED in many fields, but to be SPECIAL or SUCCESSFUL I dove deep into my interests, and with passion, research and hard work, I multiplied my GIFT elevating to the NEXT LEVEL & BEYOND

I am FASCICATED with all my interests, because there is so much potential in all of them and in US humans, and especially when people/public starts to understand the "Miracle, Healing, Paranormal Phenomenon" through SCIENCE (Noetic Science).


Experience in Magazine

Although, I am just launching my Magazine "Artistic Mind" - I am very experienced in publications, in design, in people and their wants, needs, searches, goals and hopes - and, the Magazine is New but my involvement in the subject of Art and More .... is long and old and, at this moment I decided to help others, to cheer others, to give inspiration, hope, passion, beauty and hope, "food for eyes and soul" by publishing the BEST EVER MAGAZINE the Artistic Mind Magazine - and I GUARANTEE that all of you will find something for you to enjoy.

Experience in Noetic Sciences

What is Noetic Science in simple words - scientific answer of why and how towards "miracles" or "inner energy" or "paranormal phenomenon"

Can we all perform miracles ??? This is up to YOU, but certainly it is worth of research rather than being scared or dismissing the subject. It is old-ancient philosophy on the subject, keeping alive through ages by few - I am once of those people who knows, and can do it. 

Experience in Hypnosis

Since I was a young girl, the Hypnosis intrigued me (why and how, how long, what is it for ...) to the point that when I was teenager, I purchased my first book about Hypnosis (I still have it), than later an opportunity to research more on the subject pointed me in the direction of becoming a CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST (since 2001), it was satisfying and intriguing even more, I need to know the roots of every possible outcome, which that open the new possibilities and my ability - the INNER ENERGY.

Experience in Inner Energy

Once I realized that my ABILITY & SENSITIVITY and Inner Energy is connected I linked this information with HYPNOSIS for better results on my constant research "why" "how" "when" - very satisfying results, yes, some people can perform MIRACLE-HEALING, FIND MISSING PEOPLE, CONNECT WIHT DECEASED and more - yes, I am one of those people.

Experience in Research

To be EXCELLENT at what I do, I am constantly upgrading myself, researching all possible outcomes, not only RESEARCH but also VERIFICATION on all my STUDY and INTERESTS - if someone says: "It works but I don't know how, just works let it go," for me this is UNACCEPTABLE - I NEED TO KNOW, to VERIFY and to SEE the RESULTS and know all the PROGRESS and HISTORY on that subject. Therefore, if I say "I can do Miracle" that means I really can and it can be explained by science. 

Experience in Writing (poetry and prose)

I am very fortunate that I have in genes the love and passion for writing (poetry and prose) - I published few Coffee Table Poetry Books, and now I am working on Non-Fiction Self-Help. The latter will be success because we all need a discretion and advise (I am consulting with MD and LLB), hope and different perspective on the same subject. 

Experience in Innovation

And again, this proves my point - once I put my mind into something (use my other skills of Noetic Sciences, Hypnosis and other) I can CREATE, INNOVATE, and PATENT, and yes, I have patents to my name and often create new things.

Experience in Business

Someone may say: "You need business school" and I would say: "You need knowledge, experience (domestic and international), people skills and ability to see what others need, and provide them with the highest standards and respect."

Is it easy - NOPE, it is hard and time consuming work but YOUR REPUTATION shows WHO YOU ARE.

Experience in Arts

I still remember when I was 3 years old and attending drawing competitions - old, good times - CREDITS TO MY GRANDMOTHER 

Since I do remember, always, in spare time or in Art School, I CREATED, PAINTED, DRAWED, SCULPTURED, SEWED, KNITTED, CROCHETED, EMBROIDER, PLAY WITH THEATER, and practically I was always proud that I am the one of few that can do so many things and "can do something out of nothing."

Experience in Fashion

Exploring through the Yarn Store, looking and touching the coloured yarn, instantly I can picture the design and the particular person in it. Yarn is only a ball of thread, differentiated in texture and colour, but when used on a specific person, it works magic; the transformation is automatic and not only does the colour looks nicer in new shapes but also the person right away looks outstanding.

Exploring through the Fabric store, touching while examining each of many fabric textures - instantly I can picture a particular person known to me in a specific design from this new fabric who will goes perfectly with it.

Imagination is the key to LOOK GOOD & FEEL GREAT.

I began designing and creating clothing as a young girl - my curiosity converted into extreme passion towards the Art. The passion for Arts I shaped and sharpened while attending the Academy of Weaving Art & Visual Arts in Europe, where I mastered in the hand drawing, painting, colour and texture orientation as as in sculpture. Designing in a professional school for five years has situated me into a position where I had to work not only with colours, but also with textures, shapes and moods. Intensive training combined with my passion for beauty and creation with extraordinary taste, directed my life by working not only with people but also for people.

I am one of the unique FASHION DESIGNERS who not only know how to design, but also directly work with material/fabric, yarn/textile, colour and textures and compose outstanding creations fit to a particular person.

I hear complements all the time in regards to my clothing; mostly, the strangers want to know in what store I bought my clothing. People are having positively shocking reactions when I respond that I make my own garments.

Since 2013 my designs are published in Canadian "A Needle Pulling Thread" Magazine, where anyone can access my patterns and designs, as well as in NORO Yarn Magazines and Books.




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